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It's been a million years since I posted but I'm trying to find out if anyone has heard from Dani since the problems in Japan. She was teaching there ....

YES IT'S TRUE ... I've no longer got a PULSE

The news that has spread across many, MANY websites is true. I'm no longer working at THE PULSE. We got stiffed by a major advertiser for a LOT of money. As a result I hadn't been paid in SEVERAL months, hoping things were going to take a turn for the better; but they aren't.

So, I'm looking for work.

I LOVE the suggestions people have been sending me, but suggesting another site that doesn't pay isn't really a help right now. I've had a lot of offers to do "free" work, but I just can't do that right now.


This has been one HELL of a bad past few days! I'm running ragged!

On Saturday my brother Jeff had a freak accident and fell and broke two bones in his leg and his ankle. It was a crazy thing and we had a horrible day at the local hospital -- they screwed around for hours b/c it was the weekend/holiday; when they finally started doing something (five hours later) he lost the pulse in his foot; and it was a mad rush to get him to the allegheny trauma center an hour and fifteen minutes away.

Then that was another story. He was supposed to have surgery immediately when he got there; they cut off all clothes and scared the crap out of him. But they got the pulse back in his foot, so they made him wait there til almost midnight, then admitted him. They said we'll do surgery at six am Sunday.

So my parents were with him all day, they came home after midnight went to sleep and up at five am. Jeff called and said the surgery was still on, so they rushed around to try and get ready to leave. THEN Jeff called fifteen minutes later. and said a nurse came in and said they might not do the surgery Sunday or Monday or Tuesday. IT was RIDICULOUS! The doctors didn't want to come in on their holiday weekend and be bothered with this Jeff was in severe pain. The pain meds were doing nothing. They wouldn't feed him or give him a drink in case they still might operate -- it was a mess. Jeff was asking them to just make him unconscious so he didn't have the pain at all.

My parents were worried about blood clots or anything else that can happen from delay of treatment. So they raised some hell, and the doctors finally agreed to operate after my mom said she'd sue them all if any complications happened as a result of this delay in treatment. He had surgery on Sunday, but had some trouble afterwards. The anesthesia got him really sick and he was physically ill a LOT of times. Then he had some trouble emptying his bladder as a reaction to one of the meds they were giving him. He got a fever and still as of today has the fever and he's really uncomfortable.

He will be laid up for at LEAST five months. I don't know what will happen with his job. in PA they can hire or fire you for any reason and I don't see them keeping his job open for that long a period of time. He works with Juvenille delinquents on their community service jobs.

He is really bummed out and if you know jeff being in captivity and unable to go anywhere is going to be torture for him.

If anyone wants to send him a get well card to cheer him up, email me at jencomx3@aol.com with JEFF'S ACCIDENT in the subject line and I will give you a physical address. He doesn't have a computer.




I was offline for over a day because my computer hard drive died. There was no way to salvage anything on it and I lost a LOT of things -- art for PULSE stories, some PULSE stories, some short stories and other things.

I'm very stressed about it.

If you've got some comic news, e-mail me details at jencomx3@aol.com




Charlie's Angels is one of the first things aside from superheroes I can remember REALLY loving! I'm so sad that Farrah lost her fight to cancer.


when their summer sale happens can someone please EMAIL me jencomx3 at aol dot com with DEEP DISCOUNT SALE IS ON! so I know? :) I look forward to those two sales every year :)